Custom eLearning Development EASY AND FELXIBLE

TBMG's custom elearning development team works with you to create a world-class elearning experience for your organization.

Custom elearning design includes:

  1. Instructional Design: Vantage Path's elearning developers are well versed in molding learning objects, tests, in-course information resources, and multimedia to not only transfer knowledge but to convert that knowledge into enhanced skills.
  2. Storyboard: We collaborate with you to create your course-specific "map" that enhances the effectiveness and power of the course.
  3. Engaging and Interactive eLearning: Online training that engages, educates and entertains your workforce.

Instructional Design The heart and soul of custom e-learning development.

TBMG's instructional design model streamlines the course development process, shortening development time and reducing production costs. Instructional Design is the practice of creating or adapting learning programs to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of the content. The goal of instructional design is to develop sound learning solutions for a specific curriculum or course. The design process includes:

The Storyboard It's your map! Don't start without it.

TBMG's elearning developers graphically organize your digital assets and learning strategies in the same manner in which you would visualize a motion picture.

  1. Identify your potential online training digital assets, i.e., PowerPoint, audio, video, illustrations, images, etc.
  2. Work with our elearning specialists, to brainstorm the presentation and use of learning strategies that best complement the online learning services you wish to develop.
  3. Approve the content, intervention strategies, and the visual look and feel, guided by our understanding and "best practices."

Engaging & Truly Interactive eLearning Give Your Users What They Want -- Quality e-Learning!