TBMG's custom elearning development team works with you to create a world-class elearning experience for your organization.

Achieving learning success in a highly competitive business landscape is tough these days. Throw in the constant changes from technological innovations, issues of security, integrating mobile, pressures to stay current and then stakeholders expecting you to hit it out of the park on each project is daunting at best.

Our job is to see that you hit those targets— we're committed to help you affect change and improve performance in the workplace.

Leveraging Technology for Personalized LearningTraining designed to drive successful business outcomes!

Studies have shown that passive reception of information is the least effective way to transfer information. So a Power Point and a lecture is the least effective way to teach your workforce.

TBMG has proprietary engines to drive Adaptive learning that:

It's a Collaborative Process You're the expert when it comes to your business.

Typically TBMG is approached by a coroporation looking to improve efficiency in their training process, rather than starting a training process from the ground up. We take your existing materials, run them through our design process, and collaborate with you on the accuracy of the final presentation.

    The ultimate goal of most TBMG learning modules is to allow your workforce to learn without human supervision.

    You will ultimately have approval over all content, intervention strategies, and the visual look and feel, we will offer guidance based on our understanding and "best practices."